Manage your CWO Account and Set Up your Member Profile


Congratulations on joining Canadian Wedding Officiants!

After signing in with the username and password sent to you in your Welcome email you can set up and/or manage your Member Profile.

Before you start setting up your profile, please have a couple of things ready:

1. A copy of your logo.

2. A personal bio/description of your business, approx. 200-300 words.

2. 5 – 7 photos to display on your profile.

You can manage your account and profile at any time.

HOME ADDRESS: Many officiants work from home and don’t want to show their address in their profile but do want a “pin” to show up on the map.

SOLUTION: When you set up your profile include only your City and Province, omit your street address . Do NOT click the button “Do not show address in directory” or you will not get a pin on the map laughing


set up member profile


If you’re having difficulty building your profile, or if you can’t find the time, please send an email to hello @ and we’ll be happy to set it up for you, no charge.

You probably already have everything required to set up an excellent profile on your website, social channels, etc.

Let us do the work for you so you can enjoy all the benefits of an awesome profile!