after the wedding

Let’s start a bit earlier than Day After the Wedding, shall we?

You’ve just crushed the wedding ceremony, you had the bride, groom, parents and guests laughing, crying, smiling and cheering.

You grab a quick selfie with the couple, and you head to your car.

You’re driving away. You look in the rearview mirror and see the party tent. Feeling a bit of FOMO? Perhaps. Feeling like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak has settled on your shoulders? Maybe.

But the guests were over the moon delighted, the parents thought you were spectacular, and the couple could not have been happier.

Job well done! Congratulations!

You head home for a well-deserved meal and rest. Sorry to advise, but your job as a wedding officiant for yesterday’s lovely couple is not yet over.


The Day After the Ceremony is not one for a lie-in – you still have things to do!

Here’s your Post Ceremony To-Do List:

1. Check over the Marriage License to make sure every detail is correct. You probably did this yesterday, but do it again, just in case.

2. Write a note, by hand, to the couple thanking them for the opportunity to officiate their wedding and wishing them a beautiful future, or something similar.

About a week after the wedding, the couple is still in the blissed-out post-wedding period – chances are you left right after the ceremony, so they are most likely reminiscing about the party, not your stunning ceremony.

They get home from work to find your beautiful note and Bang! You’re on top of their minds once again!

Don’t ask for anything in the letter, just write it from your heart (or ChatGPT if you prefer).

A standard blank notecard from Staples, printed with your logo on the front, address on the bottom at the back, works perfectly, or logoed cards from Vistaprint. Write the note by hand using a good pen, think of a brightly coloured fountain pen! and hand write the address on the envelop as well with the coloured pen.

3. Affix correct postage to both the Marriage License and the note and post them both in a local mailbox.

4. Check your list of vendors then go to their Google Business Profiles and leave each of them a review.

You’re asking yourself, What? Why would I leave them a review? You see, the wedding isn’t just about that specific ceremony, it’s about establishing and building relationships with other vendors:

  • So future weddings will flow smoothly like your couple’s first dance
  • So other vendors will refer you

Sample text for a review for a wedding planner:

I had the pleasure of collaborating with PERSON from WEDDING PLANNER COMPANY at a local wedding and it was a great experience! They are enthusiastic, a real pro and have a superb attention to detail. They are also positive, friendly and bring a warm energy to the day. I’m thrilled to recommend them and the WEDDING PLANNER COMPANY for any wedding if you’re looking for a talented, reliable and delightful wedding planner.

Leaving reviews for every vendor can take a while if there are many of them, but once you get into your flow, this process will become an integral part of your marketing.

And….. don’t keep checking to see if you received a review in return – most other wedding vendors will seldom leave you a review, not because you’re not fabulous, but because they aren’t used to doing this for other vendors.

5. Post on your own social media with a photo. It doesn’t have to be a pic of you with the couple, a lovely photo from the wedding and/or venue will suffice. Make sure to note the vendors from the wedding using their correct social handles.

6. You can email the different vendors and tell them how much you enjoyed working with them. After leaving vendors glowing reviews this step is not crucial, but if you’re already friendly with some of the vendors, it may be a nice gesture.


About 2 – 3 weeks later:

Email the couple and kindly ask them for a Google Review making sure to include the link to your Google business page after checking it to make sure it works.

Email the photographer/videographer, cc’ing the couple, asking for photos (if you’ve approved this with the couple before the wedding).


Seems like a lot to do, doesn’t it? But the results will be well worth it when you start getting more referrals from wedding vendors and you enjoy a well-deserved reputation as someone who is on top of things, easy to work with and a true professional.

Every step officiants take to increase their profile, even if it’s something as simple as leaving a review for another vendor or including other vendors in our social posts, helps elevate officiants in the wedding industry. Remember, a rising tide lifts all ships.

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