When I became a registered officiant, I made list of “must haves” for ceremonies: a handy copy of my official registration, 2 “nice” pens, a lovely bag to in which to carry my kit, plastic covers for each page of my wedding script, a binder, among other things.

I’ve been kind of a paper and pen nerd for years (love my collection of fountain pens!), stemming from my decades-long journaling practice, and knew that the standard 3-ring binder just wouldn’t do.

So, I started hunting for the Perfect Binder for all my officiant stuff.

I needed:

  • 3-ring binder for my script
  • business card pocket
  • place for TWO pens – I love having the marriers sit beside each other to sign the Marriage License, hence 2 pens are required
  • zipper so I could close it up tight before and after the ceremony
  • large enough to hold the Marriage Register and my script – I wanted everything in one place
  • notepaper – cuz you never know when you might have to record the names and addresses of witnesses!
  • black so it wouldn’t be noticeable
  • not too heavy and cumbersome

Although I was new at officiating weddings, I’d spoked at enough workshops and seminars to know that a good binder is crucial – a podium or stand was never an option for weddings due to their unsightliness, never mind how cumbersome they are.

Guess where I found the binder? Yes, you guessed right – Amazon:

If you want an amazing go-to binder that suits all your needs as a wedding officiant, here it is! All for $29.88 Cdn.

In fact, I was so pleased with the performance of this binder, I wrote a blog post about it!




The previous promotional piece was not paid for by Hilroy or Amazon…..

I put the binder in a kitschy funky bright pink bag by Matt & Nat, if you’re interested in arriving at the wedding workshop, rehearsal, and/or ceremony with a little flair. Unfortunately, the style I bought is sold out but they have lots of other options!